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University Students

The Genesis and Evolution

Born out of conversation with the Director of Symbiosis Institute of Foreign Trade, now known as Symbiosis Institute of International Business, the team identified a need gap. While the universities were imparting industrial and practical knowledge to the students, for their holistic growth to become future business leader who act ethically, a need for personal transformation towards leading a life basis the call of conscience was felt. The IofC team worked on designing a four-day programme which looked at blending IofC values and approach, into practical action points for students to start working towards, becoming more effective leaders, guided by their conscience.

Over the years, the programme has been continuously evolved to stay relevant and address the needs of the students as relevant to their time and environment. Course material have also evolved to incorporate newer videos, examples, and facilitators who are from that specific domain 

The Objective

The objective of the programme is to take the students on a four-day inward-outward journey. Starting with self-reflection, exploring their relationship with values and the world around them, to experiencing the power of being able to make decisions guided by the conscience, the programme aims to show individuals a more effective way of envisioning their future, subsequently creating an impact in the world around them. 

Who can attend?

The programme is designed for groups of students who are pursuing either their undergraduate or post-graduation studies. It is a residential programme for 3 nights and 4 days. 

Reflection in Auditorium
Lunch time for symbiosis students
Visit to Tableland by Symbiosis students

The institute can write to us to express interest and depending on the Asia Plateau Centre’s availability, the programme can be arranged. 

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