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Winter at Asia Plateau

Caux Scholars Program

Building global leaders as innovators of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, trauma-informed healing, and narrative transformation 

20th December - 10th January 2024

The ChangeMakers Collective

Building youth's potential towards community and collective leadership. 

28th December - 2nd January 2024

This event has been postponed.

International Educators Program

Values-Driven Education in a Power-Driven World: Rediscovering our Role and Purpose

8th - 12th January 2024

Emergent Future

"Emergent Future: Reimagining our world together" - is an invitation to hear from you, social and thought leaders,  as we try to make sense of our ever-increasing complex world. 

18th - 22nd January 2024

ICB International

Sustaining Business through Integrity and Trust. A conference for business leaders with a focus on 'creating value' and building trust.

25th - 28th January 2024

Famers Dialogue

Farmers exchange on the challenges they are facing and on their mission to feed the world.

4th to 7th March 2024