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interns from around the world
interns from around the world


Upcoming Programme

Name: The Future We Want

Date: August 31st - 3rd Sept.

The Future We Want (TFWW) is an invitation to everyone 21 years and over and interested in being part of a diverse fellowship of changemakers. Through reflective deep inner listening, sharing and creative expression, this 4-day programme will be a journey of self-connection, personal change and collective and individual action in our personal lives, families, work and society at large.

The Registration is now open. 
Let's Make a Difference

Let's Make A Difference' is the annual National Youth Conference organized by IofC ('Initiatives of Change') at Asia Plateau, Panchgani, Maharashtra for young people in the age group of 16 to 29 years. This is an eight-day residential training programme that starts on June 1 and concludes on June 8, every year.


University Students

While universities impart industrial and practical knowledge to the students, for their professional growth, a need for personal transformation towards leading an ethical life was evident. The IofC team worked on designing a four-day programme that looked at blending IofC values and approach, into practical action points for students to start working towards, becoming more effective leaders, guided by their conscience.

Asia Plateau Initiators

Initiating Change from Within to Beyond a seven-week training to become effective Change Leaders. A practical and intensive programme for energetic, self-starting young adults, who are ready to engage deeply with the core ideas of IofC – to change oneself, live with integrity, and bring positive change in society.

Caux Scholars Program

The Caux Scholars Program (CSP) is a three-week residential program with an intake of about 20 young leaders from around the world, offering a multi-disciplinary approach to conflict transformation, transitional justice, and principled leadership.


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