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About Us

Our mission is to inspire, equip and connect people to address world needs, starting with themselves


Who We Are

Initiatives of Change (IofC) is a world-wide movement of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, who are committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behaviour, starting with their own. 

What We Do 

Vision: a just, peaceful and sustainable world to which everyone, responding to the call of conscience, makes their unique contribution. 

Mission: to inspire, equip and connect people to address world needs, starting with themselves. We work worldwide on many initiatives through a network of individuals, groups and organizations.

Our Focus Area

Trustbuilding: Peace and social cohesion through trust and reconciliation. 

Ethical Leadership: Developing a leadership culture based on moral integrity, compassion and selfless service. 

Sustainable living: Economic justice and environmental sustainability by transformation of motives and behaviour.

Our Values

We believe an honest look at one’s own motives and behavior is the start of global change. IofC singles out four values as our foundation for self-reflection: honesty, unselfishness, purity, and love.

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Our Story

Initiatives of Change (IofC) began as a spiritual and social movement more than 80 years ago, drawing on the ideas that by applying guiding values, and being open to the divine spark within, anyone can help create a better society.

Start With Yourself

Anyone, anywhere, can start an initiative of change by applying the words of Mahatma Gandhi: Be the change you want to see in the world. If you want to see an end to corruption, start by being scrupulously honest yourself. If you want to see peace in the world, start within your own family. Walk the Talk.

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Our Centre

Asia Plateau is the training and conference centre of Initiatives of Change in India 

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Our Global Community

Our grassroots approach encourages local ownership and focuses on accompanying, strengthening, and empowering individuals to be the change they want to see in the world.